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QA Manual Training feedback:

Name: Mohamed Imtiyaz
Role: System Analyst
Company: GTFS-Gulf Testing Factory Services(Bin Zayed Group)
FB/Linkedin profile ID:-Fb id:- /Mohamed Imtiyaz ,UAE
Review :  Training is skill, which everyone cannot do, It’s not about completing the course it’s about making understand to people who attend the class, which should be worth, So in conclusion i can say attending the class was worth, Learned so many new things, I like the way Mrs vineela teaches, She give importance to every student as well as answer for all queries what ever we ask and after the class video, templates as well as other documents are really worthful. I am really satisfied Hope due this experience surely i will try to upgrade myself  and in future if i would like to attend any course.surely i am going to approach QATestingTraining Center.
Rating: I give 5 out of 5

Name : Madhavi bhatt ; Location : USA

Trainer : Vineela

Review: Training is going well. Being from a non IT background I’m really following the concepts till now. So which makes me conclude that trainer knows their job very well. Time management is perfect. It would be really nice if we get reference books or other reference sites if there any.


Name: Preethy, Location : Wisconsin, USA
Trainer Name: Vineela
Designation: Fresher
Comments:The training is very good, the instructor is very prompt in answering all the questions.
Ratings: Very good.


Name: Sudagar Dhandapani, Location: Honolulu

Trainer name: Vineela
Review Description: Good explanation of each topics with follow up questions.
Rating: 5/5

Name: Vidya , Location : USA
Trainer name: Vineela

Review Description: The training was very good.showing real time examples to understand the concept more clearly.very informative regarding not only the subject but also in real time how does things work.They will also give support after the training completion.

SoapUI Feedback :

Name: Poorna Deepti Sivaraju
Designation : QA Lead
Feedback :   This training was very well presented with every minor detail .All the areas were explained very well, and I am very thankful to  the trainer and Organizer
Name: Kalyani
Designation: QA
Review: The training is very good here. I was afraid before joining about new tool SoapUI but the trainer taught very good way

HP QUality Center/ ALM:

Name: Ravi chandran,USA
Designation : QA Manager
Feedback :  The training was excellent , i have to set up a now ALM for our current project & it helped me a lot! Thanks for such wonderful training!!
Name: Kishore
Designation : QA analyst
Reviews :  I am really thankful to trainer who taught the ALM in the way a new person also feels comfortable to use it. I love the training he gave.

QTP Feedback:

Name: Preethy, Location : Wisconsin, USA
Trainer Name : Sangamesh
Designation:  Fresher
Comments:  The training is very good, the instructor is very knowledgeable and patient in answering all the questions.
Rating: Very good


Name: Prasanthi, Location : Manila,Philippiens
Designation: Software Test Engineer
Trainer Name: Sangameshwar
Comments: Online training was really good. I am very much impressed. The trainers are very helpful and solving all the questions i have. The online training session was very much interactive,it was a great experience learning the complete course from my home and i recommend others to take online training in was worth learning.
Rating : 5/5

Name:    Reena , Location : USA
Trainer Name:     Sangamesh
Training review:   The trainer explained the concept well. He answered all my questions well.
Rating:  Very good

Selenium Training Feed back: 

Name : Yamini ; Location: USA

Trainer: Pawan

Training Review: Hi vineela,
I just wanted to let you know that we are having great training sessions from pawan. The way the course is structured and taught by pawan are really impressive. The subject matter was handled very well. He was very helpful in clearing the doubts and other queries. I would definitely recommend him as an instructor who would like to learn selenium.


Name : Balbir  ;  Location: USA

Trainer: Pawan

Review:  Just like the subject suggests, I am very pleased with Pawan’s style/method of training us. He understands his students and gears his training objectives based on his audience. He makes sure that we understand every important concept. I also like the fact that he is very thorough with his training.

I am glad we found your website and I will gladly recommend others to your trainings


Name: ALicia ; Location: USA

Trainer: Pawan

Training Review: Pawan is really an amazing trainer. He is clear in explaining the reasons why methods should be used or not and the differences.  I am thinking of taking another class because Pawan is so good.



Name : Vimal patel, USA

Trainer: Venkatesh

Review: Thanks for arranging sucha a wonderful training.


Name : Roopa Iyer

Trainer : Venkatesh

Review : Training was very good!


Name: Peter Mootyen, Location : UK
Profession: Test Analyst – Excel Software Services
Trainer Name: Pawan
Comments: I was very impressed with Tutor’s patience and knowledge of automation. I learnt a lot and the communication was very clear. Look forward to more courses in the future.

Name: Prasanthi , Location : Manila,Philippiens
Designation: Software Test Engineer
Trainer Name: Pawan
Comments:  He explained  very well. I really like his way of teaching and problem solving skills.
Thank you so much for very good Selenium training.


Name: Swapna, Location : Hyderabad, India
Designation: Test Engineer
Trainer Name: Pawan
Training review:  The training quality was good and the trainer was very articulate in his presentation and the content was well-organized. I have no problem recommending this course to anyone interested in learning Selenium.


Name: Devina, Location : USA
Trainer Name: Pawan
Training review: A very helpful, well informed and a dedicated teacher. Have attended many other online classes but the one-on-one interaction helped to doubts more clearly. I would recommend to anyone looking for Selenium classes.
Name: Shipra, Location :USA
Trainer Name: Venkatesh
Training review: I have learnt the basics of Selenium and it was helpfull.


Name : Prasanthi, Location : India
Trainer Name: Venkatesh
Training review: Selenium training provided was good. Training will be very helpful for the learners to have a better career growth.
Thank You!


Name : Obul Reddy, Location : India
Trainer : Pawan

Training Review: I have really enjoyed while training. It was very good explanations while giving the sessions with practical examples.

Name : Lakshmi Narayan, Location : USA
Trainer : Pawan

Training Review:My Trainer for Selenium  Pawan is excellent.He really takes time to make you understand.



HP LoadRunner Training Feedback:

Name : Govind nyalker, USA   ; Designation : QA manager

Trainer: Sandhya

Review: Trainer is very good & eloberative , i am satisfied 200%

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