Positive and Negative Test cases

We have learned in our previous lessons about the Test case

BRD – Business Requirement Document contains all the Functional & Non-Functional specifications of the Application.

Ex: If there is a  login form for an application with Username & Password

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.35.25 PM


BRD contains statements as

Screen Field Name Description Database Field Name Data Type Data Range Global/ Local? Mandatory? Editable field?
Username User’s sign in ID Text string a-z Local Required Y
Password User’s sign in password. For the first time access after registration, require the change of initial, temporary registration password. Text string Local Required Y


From above we can prepare Positive & Negative Test cases

Positive Test conditions:

  1. Username should accept Lowercase characters
  2. Username should accept Uppercase characters
  3. Username should accept combination of lower case & Uppercase characters

Negative Test conditions:

  1. Username should not accept numeric values
  2. Username should not accept space characters
  3. Username should not accept empty values





July 11, 2013

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