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QA Manual Testing & Quality Center QC Live online training : 

Software Testing Concepts :

  1. Quality,Issue,Defect
  2. What is Testing ?
  3. Sign-In, Kick-Off meeting< PIN>
  4. Software Development Life Cycle < SDLC >
  5. Software Testing Life Cycle < STLC >
  6. Types of Testing – Conventional Testing: – Unconventional Testing:
  7. How to test an Application? -Black Box Testing -White Box testing
  8. Levels of Testing – Unit Testing – Module Testing – Integration Testing –
    System testing – User Acceptance testing
  9. What is Test Case?- Types of Test Cases: Positive & negative
  10. How to write a Test case
  11. SDLC Methodologies -Waterfall Model -V-Model – Prototype
  12. The Types of Testing  : Smoke testing,Sanity Testing ,Regression &
    Re-Testing Alpha & Beta Testing , Installation , Compatibility Testing ,
    Exploration & Security Testing
  13. Test Case Design Techniques – ECP – BVA
  14. Writing Test cases for different domains of applications : Banking domain,
    Email marketing, Health domain , Mortgage applications
  15. What is TestPlan
  16. IEEE 829 TestPlan Format
  17. Defect Life Cycle
  18. Severity and Priority
  19. Types of Defects
  20. Defect Tracking Tool – Jira,
  21. How to create a defect
  22. Effective ways to log Bug.
  23. RTM
  24. Miscellaneous

Quality Center Concepts:

  1. Quality center / ALM introduction

    What is Test management tool? ; Testing life cycle w.r.t to ALM ;Integrations with other tools

    Defect life cycle ; Available features in ALM : Both in ALM & Site Administration

    Walk through on ALM & SIte administration Ex: Dashboard, menu’s so on

  2. Brief explanation on Requirements ; Management ; Lab ; Testing ;Defects

  3. Site AdministrationCreation of projects Creation of domains Creating users User roles
  4. Explanation on various modules available : Site projects, lab management, Site users,
  5. site connections, server, DB servers, site configuration Logging into ALM with project Verifying the access
  6. ALM : Requirements tab

    What are requirements ; Defining requirements; Creating cycles

    Explanation of available features for requirements like folder, scheduling release, copying cycles, duplicating, rescheduling,Check In process,Description,comments,adding attachments

    Milestone’s ; Scorecard’s ; KPI Analysis

  7. Test Plan & Test case creation:

    Test plan tab ; Creating filters , sorting folders ;Test plan tree creation

    Selecting test for run ; Creating folders, new tests ;New test creation detailed explanation ,

    attachments, assigning ; Various add ins available ; Excel addin ; Uploading requirements from excel

    Uploading test cases from excel

  8. Test execution

    HP Sprinter add in ; Defects module; Creating defects ; Attachments, snapshot,

    searching similar defects ; Setting default values for defects

    Creating filters / favourite view, copying, editing ; Linking defect to test ; Uploading tests from excel

  9. QC & QTP integration

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Name: Mohamed Imtiyaz
Role: System Analyst
Company: GTFS-Gulf Testing Factory Services(Bin Zayed Group)
FB/Linkedin profile ID:-Fb id:- imtiyaz_soni@yahoo.com /Mohamed Imtiyaz ,UAE
Review :  Training is skill, which everyone cannot do, It’s not about completing the course it’s about making understand to people who attend the class, which should be worth, So in conclusion i can say attending the class was worth, Learned so many new things, I like the way Mrs Vineela teaches, She give importance to every student as well as answer for all queries what ever we ask and after the class video, templates as well as other documents are really worthful. I am really satisfied Hope due this experience surely i will try to upgrade myself  and in future if i would like to attend any course.surely i am going to approach QATestingTraining Center.
Rating: I give 5 out of 5

Name : Madhavi bhatt ; Location : USA

Trainer : Vineela

Review: Training is going well. Being from a non IT background I’m really following the concepts till now. So which makes me conclude that trainer knows their job very well. Time management is perfect. It would be really nice if we get reference books or other reference sites if there any.


Name: Preethy, Location : Wisconsin, USA
Trainer Name: Vineela
Designation: Fresher
Comments:The training is very good, the instructor is very prompt in answering all the questions.
Ratings: Very good.


Name: Sudagar Dhandapani, Location: Honolulu

Trainer name: Vineela
Review Description: Good explanation of each topics with follow up questions.
Rating: 5/5

Name: Vidya , Location : USA
Trainer name: Vineela

Review Description: The training was very good.showing real time examples to understand the concept more clearly.very informative regarding not only the subject but also in real time how does things work.They will also give support after the training completion.

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Live Training 

Live Training + Videos  up to 1 year 


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  • Live sessions up to 10 Days
  • Material for concepts
  • Assignments
  • Offline Project
  • Recorded videos access up to 1 Year

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