Selenium Training – Basics to Advanced w/ Live Project

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Selenium Introduction

Selenium Webdriver Evolution

  • Introduction to Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium - Types or Versions
  • Advantages of Selenium Webdriver

Web elements

  • Webcomponents 
  • Various applications
  • Identifying various web elements - Text boxes , Links,check boxes etc
  • Web-elements Identification approach 
  • ID , Name , Classname , Xpath & CSS

Webelements - Browsers

  • IE developer extension 
  • Identifying web-elements on IE
  • ID , Classname 
  • Downloading installing Firebug & Firepath Extensions on Firefox browsers
  • Identifying elements using ID , Name on FF
  • Developer tool in Chrome browser
  • Identifying elements using ID , Name on Chrome browser

Xpath Approaches

Xpath Approaches

  • Basic Approach
  • Text Approach
  • Parent - Child concept
  • Example scenarios on live application
  • Practice assignments for Xpath

Advanced Xpath Approaches

  • Finding Xpath of the web-elements using and 'contains' operator
  • Finding Xpath of the web-elements using and 'and' operator
  • Example scenarios on live application
  • Practice assignments for advanced Xpath approaches

Actions on webelements

Selenium Project Setup with latest updated selenium webdriver 3 

  • Downloading & installing Eclipse
  • Downloading Selenium jar files
  • Setting up the Java Home path
  • Configuring selenium jars in Eclipse
  • Creating new project in eclipse
  • Writing first selenium code

Invoking browsers

  • Understanding code to add for browser invoking
  • Various browsers - IE , Chrome , FF
  • writing program for IE browser
  • writing program for chrome browser
  • writing program for FF browser - Gecko driver
  • assignment for Invoking browsers

Performing actions on Live applications

  • Capturing the title of the page
  • Capturing the current url of the application
  • Performing refresh page action using code
  • Navigating forward & backward using code in selenium
  • Performing scroll action

Webelement - Performing CLICK actions - commands used

  • writing code to enable the check box
  • writing code to know if checkbox is disabled
  • Checking the status of a check box if it is enabled & returning the value
  • Radio buttons 

Date Picker - Calendar functionality

  • capturing the list of webelements 
  • Understanding concept of Date Picker
  • Understanding the Table structure of a Calenders displayed in websites
  • writing code to select a particular date

Importance of  wait commands in selenium execution

  • Implicit wait - sample program 
  • Explicit wait - example program
  • Fluent wait - example scenarios
  • Difference between above wait commands
  • Understanding which command in certain exeutions

Handling Dropdowns

  • Getting list of elements in drop down
  • writing code to select the option
  • Unselecting the option
  • selecting multiple option

Multiple window handling

  • Handling the window using selenium code
  • getting the size of( no.of ) windows
  • switching between windows

Handling Frames & Alerts

  • writing code to switch to frame in a web page
  • select or performing actions in frame
  • getting back to normal web page
  • handling alerts
  • selecting options on alert boxes
  • types of alerts

Java script executor



  • Importance of taking screenshots during execution
  • syntax & commands to use for taking screenshots
  • taking screenshots & saving them to desired folder on local system
  • Autonaming the screenshots with system timestamp

File uploads

  • Handling file uploads on live applications
  • syntax & commands to use for uploading files through selenium code
  • example scenarios on live applications


  • Understanding concept of Pagefactory & its importance
  • Defining Pagefactory for web elements
  • Process to write code for different web pages

Keyboard Interactions

  • Importance of Keyboard interactions for Selenium automation
  • Performing actions such as  Selectall(ctrl+A) , copy (ctrl+c) , paste ( ctrl + V) , undo (ctrl+Y), redo ( ctrl +Z) 
  • Capital letters

Mouse Interactions

  • Importance of Mouse interactions for Selenium automation
  • Mouse over on dynamic menu's in web applications
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • performing double click


  • Annotations
  • @Test , priority
  • Groups , dependson
  • Before suite
  • After suite

  • Assertions
  • Assert True
  • Assert False
  • Generating reports
  • understanding testng.xml


  • Installation & setup
  • Creating Maven project
  • Understanding pom.xml & how to add required dependencies
  • Maven Life cycle

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