Sign In & Kick off meeting


It is the process in which the legal agreement is done between the customer and the development company in such a way that the customer agrees to give the project to the development Company, the project development is done with in a specific budget and the project is to be delivered to the customer on so and so deadline.


Kick of meeting:-

It is the first meeting conducted soon after the project came with in the development company. In order to discuss the following


1)    Over view of entire project

2)    Nature of the customer.

3)     Project team selection (project manager the development team, quality head and quality team).


The participants of this meeting are HOO (Head of Operation), technical manager and the software quality manager.

Once the project manager is selected he will release a PIN (Project Initiation Note). PIN means sending e-mail to the CEO of the development company asking for formal permission to start the project development activities. Once the PM gets the green signal from CEO the project development activities will be geared up (started).

July 11, 2013

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